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1958년 카톨릭 교회의 접수


프란시스 교황과 베네딕트 전 교황이 메이슨 식 악수를 하고 있다 


대중 교통을 이용하고 있는 현 교황이 메이슨 식 히든 핸드 사인을 하고 있다

The 1958 Takeover of the Catholic Church

November 2, 2013

The Illuminati identified the Catholic Church as the greatest impediment to their satanic program.

A mind boggling 12-part video documents how the Masons & Communists infiltrated & subverted the Catholic Church using homosexuals, some of whom became Popes. 

Part IV (left) describes how, in 1958, Masons annulled the lawful election of the anti-Mason Cardinal Siri (Gregory XVII) and replaced him with the Communist Cardinal Roncalli (John XXIII). 

A critical new element is the complicity of the US government in this plot, indicating the worldwide character of Masonic (Illuminati) power. 

I always thought evil was due to human shortcoming. In fact, mankind is being undermined by a highly organized occult power with unlimited means. 

by Bernard de Clairveau

There was a coup d'etat in the Catholic Church on October 26th, 1958 and the Church has been governed by imposters since that time.

Giuseppe_Siri,_1958.jpg(Left. Cardinal Siri) 

Is this really that important? In my opinion it is. The Catholic Church is the largest and oldest institution on earth with roughly a billion nominal members, roughly 3 times the population of the United States.

Since 1958 however, despite the numbers, the institution has been largely ineffective in combating the social ills they had so effectively handled for centuries. Abortion, pornography, divorce, obscenity all became prominent after the papal chair was usurped in 1958.

To demonstrate the power of the Church before this, look at the time when Pius XII excommunicated President Peron of Argentina in 1955 when he tried to contradict the constitution and allow divorce.

As a result of the excommunication, the populace of Argentina rose up and Peron was removed from office and Catholic teaching was upheld. Who would have thought that 50 years later Argentina would be legalizing "gay marriage."

Also, for those familiar with Catholicism you may know that the original Mass, which can be traced back to the 4th century (but could very well be apostolic in origin), was abandoned in 1969 to make way for a "new mass," A ceremony that bears little resemblance to the traditional Mass. Again, who would want to destroy the sacred rite but an enemy agent masquerading as Pope.

papa2.jpg(Pope Francis and ex Pope Benedict exchange Masonic handshake) 

To find out why the "Catholic" Church of today has become a sick caricature of the Catholic Church of two millennia we have to look back to the papal conclave of 1958. I believe the documentary posted here will provide the key to understanding what has happened.

At the center of the film is the election of the conservative prelate, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, in 1958. What you will see in this section is a very clear emission of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel 2 days before the election of John XXIII. On this night 200,000 people turned to the balcony to see the new pope emerge on the balcony while news reports went out around the world that a new pope had been elected.

papa.jpg(Riding the tram in Buenos Aires as Archbishop, Bergoglio made characteristic Masonic sign) 

Vatican radio later announced that the white smoke was a mistake and that no Pope had been elected. In this section you will also hear the testimony of an FBI Consultant that claims there are FBI and State Department files which state that on this night Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII. In addition, former papal adviser Father Malachi Martin gives his testimony that Cardinal Siri was elected BUT RESIGNED UNDER THREAT to him and his family. 


The men who took office instead of Cardinal Siri, namely John XXIII ( Angelo Roncalli) and Paul VI (Giovanni Montini) we're more than just bad apples.

John XXIII's Masonic initiation is described in detail in Pier Carpi's book the "The Prophecies of John XXIII" and there is a vast amount of evidence and testimony that he was indeed a Mason. For this alone he would be ipso facto excommunicated and obviously ineligible for the Papacy. Upon his election, he immediately made Montini (future Paul VI) a Cardinal and called the Second Vatican Council, two of the most disastrous decisions in the history of the Catholic Church.

johnXXIII.jpg(John XXIII)

He also received Nikita Khrushchev's son-in-law and daughter at the Vatican in a private meeting, this is after communist regimes around the world murdered and imprisoned millions of Catholics. The well publicized meeting earned an extra million votes for the Communist party in Italy in the national elections. John XXIII also began introducing changes to the Mass, changes that would culminate in the complete destruction of the Tridentine Latin Mass under Paul VI.

Indeed these two men were not simply "bad popes," nor did they become pope and then lose their faith. They were enemy agents who set the Church on a carefully designed plan to destruction.

Furthermore there is a great deal of evidence that Cardinal Roncalli and the whole 1958 affair was planned by unholy forces, which is described in Part 3 of the film.

When Roncalli died in 1963, he was replaced by Paul VI, a Vatican power broker who had never so much as served as a parish priest. 

Thanks to Robert for the tip and Marcos for the pics!


Satana_in._Vaticano_en_OK-final (1).pdf

First Comment from Dan:

For readers outside the Catholic experience, you need to remember the term 'Sedevacante'.  That's Latin for "the chair is empty". Many Catholics left the temporal Church during the decade following Vatican II.  A schism formed under the name "Sedevacantists". Sedevacantists hold that Cardinal Siri was forced to decline when he was elected Pope at the 1958 Conclave by threats against his family.

This gets into the matter of Apostolic Succession - that is, a form of divine right passed down directly from Jesus to Simon the fisherman that Jesus renamed Peter (the rock) and vested him with the authority to build Christ's church.   So for those that don't believe that, Sedevacatism is as meaningless as the Papacy.

But whether or not Apostolic Succession is real or not,  as Bernard de Clairveau writes, the Church is the largest and oldest institution on earth with roughly a billion nominal members, so it wields very real material power and influence in the world, but there's a preternatural side of the power struggle that's invisible to materialists.

The Vatican was already infested with Freemasons since the turn of the 20th century, four decades before the Conclave of 1939 elected Cardinal Pacelli (Pius XII.)    Sedevacantists believe Pius XII was the last "true" Pope, but he was the first Modernist Pope, and all the preparations for scrapping the true form of the Mass and all the rest of it were quietly put in place under his nose.  

- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.dn2mHvSv.dpuf


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